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NVHC Rides is the newest service of the NVHC Cares family, which provides personal and caring services to our congregants.

What is NVHC Rides?
As long as the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, Rides volunteers will be available to help congregants and/or caregivers get pre-ordered groceries, library books, and other items. Rides drivers could also bring food donations from congregants to the NVHC parking lot for our annual Yom Kippur food drive.

Why NVHC Rides?
As a caring community, it is incumbent on us to make sure people who need help get that help. Much of the meaning of belonging to NVHC is having someone to turn to when help is needed. We urge individuals and/or caregivers to ask for Rides help.

Who should volunteer?
If you’re an adult driver who is healthy and feels safe doing errands and delivering to people’s homes, you’ll be a great addition to the volunteers of NVHC Rides. You should volunteer whether you want to be a frequent or occasional driver. The more volunteers, the more congregants we can serve.

How does NVHC Rides work?
When a congregant makes a request to the clergy or NVHC Cares, NVHC Rides coordinator Susan Trivers will email that request to the volunteers. Any volunteer who is available can choose to do that ride. The driver and congregant will connect with each other to confirm arrangements.

Ready to Volunteer?
Please complete and submit this simple form. Your name and contact information will be added to the NVHC Rides volunteer list.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you!
Susan Trivers, NVHC Rides Coordinator

Cell phone STRONGLY preferred; there may be times where we need to contact you on short notice or when we need an immediate response.
Sat, June 3 2023 14 Sivan 5783